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Aficiones y Caminos Hacen Amigos

Discovering friendship in unexpected places

April 30, 2018: I wake up at 4:30 in Miami and get on a 6am flight to Atlanta to go on a callback my agent has urged me to attend in person for a film called Stuber. I am not used to traveling for auditions but I have frequent flyer miles and I figure it will be an adventure. I study the scene over and over to make sure I am fully prepared. The day before my eye has developed a broken blood vessel so I look like I've been punched in the face. The fancy name for it is subconjunctival hemorrhage and I get one of these every few years. I decide to ignore it since a multitude of Visine drops isn't going to make the redness disappear. I arrive at the Atlanta airport, take the Marta, then a taxi to Third Rail Studios. I'm way ahead of my call time yet two people are already there. One is a cool looking dude with long hair, having flown in from Los Angeles. The other, a pretty, self assured Latina who I immediately guess is up for the same role I am, has arrived from Philly. Her name is Daisy Galvis and by coincidence she's also a New Yorker with Colombian parents. We get to talking, waiting for the head honchos to arrive. An hour later we file into the side room, one by one, to play our scene.

After the flurry of preparation and travel, my two allotted minutes were over in a heartbeat and I came out a little disappointed with my work. The 'gal who got into a fight' look probably didn't help either. Luckily I had Daisy to talk to as we shared a taxi and took the Marta train back to the airport together. While chatting, I realized Daisy was not my competition at all. Yes, I had traveled to Atlanta for the callback, but more importantly, it was an exercise in stretching my acting muscles and meeting a kindred spirit. Laughing with her on the train ride was like a breath of fresh air and we exchanged phone numbers as we said goodbye.

Fast forward to last Friday when Daisy contacted me, asking advice for a coach aiming to travel to Miami next year to do a pop-up acting seminar. An hour and a half went by in a flash. We talked about headshots, acting classes, our work ethic, and our dreams. She kindly gave me some great resources to follow up on in LA; It was as if no time had passed since our last conversation. Gracias amiga 🎭


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