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Solar Ash For A Good Cause

This morning I woke up early to watch Solar Ash, a video game.

Really. This incredibly skilled gamer went through what normally takes six hours in just over an hour. It's called a speed run. I got to see Cyd, the computer and Lyris, the raccoon, two characters I play in the game. It was a charity event on the Discord app for Haven House, a children's hospice that provides professional nursing care and emotional support to families in need.

While Nico the whiz gamer was jumping and zipping through the hills and valleys of the Solar Ash universe, I answered questions about Cyd and Lyris. I've watched other gamers on Twitch play Solar Ash but this was the first time I got to see the whole game from start to finish. It's beautifully designed. I think I may become a gamer just so I can play it. Kudos to Heart Machine and all the wonderful developers.

Donate to Haven House and keep the love going...

Watch our speed run here:


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