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The Last Sunset of the Decade

And the Mother of all colds

I traveled east to visit family for Christmas arrived back in town Thursday night. Friday morning I was greeted with the triple scenario of sore throat, sniffles and stomach virus all at once. Of course, I stayed in bed the weekend through Monday, taking care of my voice and only ventured out today, the 31st, to register the car before the end of the year. Four hours later, I was still waiting at the Lancaster DMV for the last bit of paperwork. The good news? I am now the owner of California license plates. Driving back, I got to experience the most gorgeous sunset and rising of the moon.

Drinking gallons of water, homeopathic remedies, and yummy soups from Trader Joe's for four days was quite soothing as I sought to mend my body from the onslaught of so much food at holiday parties over the past two weeks. It's nice to be gentle with myself, not constantly pushing to "walk 10,000 steps, strength train, record auditions, go to workshops at SAG-AFTRA, and class at Second City on the weekend; hustle, hustle hustle. I'll get back to that I'm sure but it's nice to take it a little more slowly to heal. Soon enough, I'll be in first gear, revving the engine. For now, I feel lucky to be alive. Even better, I get to start the next decade in this perfectly, marvelous town, the City of Angels. Feliz Año!


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