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"Yes, I keep watching Grey's Anatomy"

The love fest continues...

I would like to say I have moved on from Grey's Anatomy. But the truth is that the acting, writing and storytelling fascinate me to the point of wanting to reconnect via pen and ink. I've written poems and short stories since I was a kid but I've always put it to the side while I fed the acting monster. To get into the flow of writing on a regular basis, I have joined my first Artists Way course with a group of creatives. It's exciting and terrifying. I can only hope something brilliant will eventually emerge from the gobbledygook of my chicken scratch penmanship. In the meantime, I'm watching Shonda Rhimes' Master class on writing for television. Take it here:

To get past my 'Censor', I plan to begin my daily morning pages by taking a moment to 'stand like Superman'


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