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Seeing The Mirror

Recently I had the opportunity to witness the way I used to think.

I was sharing with a small group of people something that had just worked for me. A young man swiftly interrupted and scolded me by sharing a negative experience he had had, implying that what I was saying wasn't possible. I was taken aback and got off the call. A little while later I realized that I was looking into a mirror of how I used to behave; my modus operandi of responding to life. For years I jokingly referred to myself as a female Doubting Thomas; I had a hard time believing things could turn out for my own good. And yet, despite my disbelief, somehow, when I reached for the stars, I would eventually hop on to one and my good would come to me. It's happened my entire life; it's just not on the timeline that I expect. However, when I argue for my limitations, you better believe they cling like glue.

The remedy? I'm boarding that rocket today. And when that young man comes to mind, I'll send him good energy so that maybe the next time he hears a new way of doing something he's uncomfortable with, instead of rejecting, he'll stop to contemplate it. I finally did.


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