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Red sun at night is a sailor’s delight. Red sun at morning is a sailor’s sure warning

Musings on Labor Day

I read those two sentences in a sailing manual growing up and I remember being scared, wondering what the ‘warning’ entailed. Would I be swallowed up by a storm or sucked into a volcano?

I seem to have a propensity for picking tricky places to live, weather-wise. In Colombia earthquakes were a regular occurrence. I watched at least 12 hurricanes pass by my window while I lived in Miami. And now I’m going through fire season in LA. But the the truth is, the sun is beautiful in the early morning, even if it does look red. I’m happy to be in this town at this precise moment in time. I’m starting my morning pages with Paco my cat at the foot of the chair, reading the next chapter of Artists Way along with my latest favorite book, Dark Towers by David Enrich.

In a little while, I’ll get up to finish editing some auditions that are due tomorrow. All in all, life is good. I’m going to take that red sun in the morning as a good sign.

Happy Labor Day


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