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Promos @WLRN--Thanks For The Memories

For better or for worse, how lovely it was

In 2016, WLRN Public Radio and Television hired me to be their mid-morning host. On breaks from running the board, bantering with Luis Hernandez on air, and talking about various cultural events happening around town (when it was possible to attend plays and stroll through museums-remember those days?), I produced underwriting spots with music for the station, kindly and patiently taught to me by Peter J. Maerz. Shortly thereafter, I began working with Mia Laurenzo, strategizing to plan daily promos for the television arm of the station. Coming up with new and fun ideas to liven up an otherwise simple 30 second piece fascinated me. I miss those brainstorming sessions. I miss interacting with the people who worked there. And as we roll into Turkey week, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be creative at WLRN. Many thanks.


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