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My Life In Leggings

Falling for Bliss Body

When I first arrived in LA, I was eager to get to know this sprawling city. Half my time was spent in the car sightseeing and going to SAG-AFTRA Foundation workshops and the other half was spent in my voiceover booth doing auditions. I discovered a veritable panoply of exotic foods on my daily sojourns. Exercise was relegated to a distant fourth on my priorities list and the more I ate, the quicker my clothes got tighter and my jeans no longer fit me.

In December Bliss Body contacted me through Instagram and offered to send a pair of their leggings in exchange for showcasing them on my page. I said yes immediately, they arrived a few weeks later and then sat in my chest of drawers. They were cute but I couldn't bear to wear them with my extra poundage. I tend to gain weight in one place, I call it the bumble bee look. 'Nuff said.

Then the pandemic hit. I decided to walk daily for my sanity and wellbeing. I looked at my collection of exercise wear:

1) Gap capris I've worn and washed so much the logo fell off the back,

2) Sleek, bell-bottomy stretch pants that, while nice, don't offer as much support as I'd like,

3) A groovy pair with a colorful waistband that @randythomasvo gifted to me during her move, (bless her heart)

4) And, the untouched Bliss Body leggings

I'm up to 10,000 daily steps and I have to say, the Bliss Body leggings are my favorite. They have a lot of lycra but they're not constraining. They feel comfy and maintain their shape after six months of constant washing (I don't put any of these in the dryer). The good news? I can get my jeans on again. Closing them is another story but that will happen with time. No more bundt cakes until next year!

So, thank you, @myblissbody for sending me these great leggings. They have exceeded my expectations and I heartily recommend them to anyone who needs exercise gear!

Get them for 15% OFF using my code PILARURIBE.ACTOR15


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