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Mount Everest Pants

I'm getting to the top of this mountain

I’ve had these jeans for four years. When I first arrived in LA, I couldn’t resist all the ridiculously good food on every street corner. To borrow a term from my childhood friend Sarah Kaltman, my 'tuckus' grew exponentially. The tipping point was right before Christmas, when I could barely get them up my legs. I decided to call them my Mount Everest pants. It’s like I’m at base camp, looking up but not daring to make the climb. Over the holidays I got sick, and had lots of soup. Since then I've been making healthier eating choices and my cravings are disappearing. I dared to try them on this morning and the zipper closed with difficulty. I've begun to walk again and do yoga exercises. Earlier I checked out a spinning place and yoga studio. I'm going to try a free class at both, make a decision and start exercising on a regular basis. I’m getting to the top of this mountain. There is no way I’m giving up my favorite pair of jeans. #fitnessgoals #theclimb #beinghealthy #nomoreeatingcrap


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