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Monday, Monday--So good to me

On Mondays I usually wake up at 6:00am, exercise and go into my booth to finish up auditions that are due at 9am. Today, however, I went straight to the booth to redo one and record another that I'd missed. By the time I checked my emails, I found out I had a gig at 8:30. Usually for an early morning gig, I do some stretching exercises, turn on the computer and record in my p.j.s. This morning, I changed a longstanding habit: I got ready. It feels good to get dressed, put on makeup and then go to work. Even though the booth is on the other side of my room. Even though Jim and Sam from Lotas Productions are never going to see me since it's strictly an audio session, no camera.

Here's the thing: I have to see me all day long. So why not look attractive? Just for me. Even my bed is made. Now THAT'S progress. Here's to the Mama's and the Papa's 😊🎙🎭

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