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I'm Watching The Queen's Gambit

Do redheads have more fun?

Since it was released, quite a few friends have been telling me about this series. A week ago, as I was getting ready to watch yet another rerun of the dark and twisty 'Grey's Anatomy' on Netflix, I hesitated. It has been, after all, my second lap around the seventeen seasons block. Chess was never a favorite of mine; I excelled at backgammon. The Queen's Gambit didn't seem like a promising show but I decided I could always watch something else if I hated it.

No such luck. I am now completely obsessed with Beth Harmon's next move, her clothes, and the sets. I gulped down two episodes in one sitting and am attempting to stretch out the last five."Mexican Highway" by Pedro Gonzales And His Mexican Brass is my new favorite tune. It's hard not to binge watch; there is something so deliciously seductive about this series. Meredith Grey, you've got competition.


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