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Sennheiser 416 • Shure SM 27 • Yamaha AG03 • Adobe Audition
Custom Isolation Booth

Atlas Talent represents Pilar Uribe

Represented by Atlas Talent

Reach Out     +1 (424) 241-2290

'Life is Ruff'- An animated short winner!

Collaboration: the name of the game

Name of Contest: Creators Society Jam

Task: Create a two-minute animated short in seven days.

Players: Paige Powell-Revis, Steve Ronaldson, Izzy Holder, Jeffrey Gold, Christie Cate, Larissa Gallagher, Paul Latza, Marc Leitzel and yours truly

Number of teams: 16

Team name: Nonagon

Short film name: Life is Ruff

Outcome: First place

Grand Prize: Toilet Paper!

Had a blast working with these creatives to come up with an animated short from the given theme: 'New Beginnings'

Here's to more of them...


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