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Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, this happens

How lucky can one girl get?

I wake up before the alarm as usual, excited and nervous. I'm presenting a webinar for Gravy For The Brain, a voiceover career platform. Since my friend Bev Standing hired me a month ago I have been zealously preparing my presentation. I'm excited because I'll be talking about a subject I love; nervous because the last presentation I gave was in 2016. What if I'm rusty or run out of things to teach? I shrug off those thoughts as I go about my day: recording VO auditions, cooking breakfast, reviewing my presentation notes and adding some footage of shows I've dubbed in the past. I test my zoom connection online with a friend who gives me sound advice and encouragement. I shower, put on makeup and at 3:30 exactly, I'm on the zoom call with Bev and Graeme Spicer to talk shop until the webinar gets underway at 4:00pm. The hour flies by and I feel so happy I've gotten to share my passions: acting and voiceover. While checking my emails I discover I have two voiceover gigs after experiencing a slow month. Could this day get any better?

While out running an errand before the end of the day, I come across film trucks lining a street. I ask the security guard what show is being filmed. She smiles and says, "I'm sorry, they don't tell us anything."

"That's ok", I smile back and prepare to leave when I see Jesse Williams walking by, eating a pizza. In a flash it hits me: they're filming 'Grey's Anatomy.' I call out, "I love your work!" Jesse grins shyly, thanks me and keeps going. I suddenly realize if I don't act fast I will miss the moment. I am obsessed with the beautiful stories of Grey's Anatomy and every single character on that show. I am not ashamed to admit I have seen all 17 seasons three times. If it wasn't for Bridgerton, I would probably start from the beginning again. I spin around and manage to eke out the words "Jesse, would you mind if I take a..." but he has already read my mind, walking back towards me. I look at my phone and give a sigh of relief: it's at seven percent, enough to catch his fantastic smile.

I'm exhausted when I get home. I've skipped lunch and barely manage to eat half a hummus sandwich. But do I stay up and watch the latest episode of Grey's? You betcha. Thanks for the pic, Jesse 😉


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