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Navigating Awards Season

I've been on a marathon this past week, trying to get through watching all the nominated films before I vote for the SAG-AFTRA Awards coming up this Sunday. It's going to be tough because there are so many good performances. In many instances, the acting supersedes the movie. With film, the director has the task, and therefore, full autonomy in telling the story. There's no time limit which can lead to endless, useless moments if there's no good trimming. And when he/she takes on the job of writing the screenplay as well, it's like a dictatorship: 'whatever I say or do, goes.' So while the director thinks their one minute sweep of landscape is romantic and vital to the story, we as audience members are going "Huh? Is there something I'm missing?" It gets a little tiring for the viewer.

There needs to be a new position in the film industry: 'Editor Coordinator' The way there are 'intimacy coordinators' on sets now, regulating what goes on in the steamy sex scenes, there could be a go-between/mediator for the director who is in love with their pretty pictures, and the editor, who is basically at the mercy of the director.

Directors, take us on that beautiful adventure you're dying to tell, be it romance, mystery, horror, or comedy. Just make it ninety minutes so we can take a bathroom break AFTER the movie ends, not in the middle of your masterpiece.


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