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Sennheiser 416 • Shure SM 27 • Yamaha AG03 • Adobe Audition
Custom Isolation Booth

Atlas Talent represents Pilar Uribe

Represented by Atlas Talent

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I'm Watching Bridgerton. Again.

I have a new fairy godmother

On a break from voiceover auditions, I thought I would watch a little Bridgerton. My hair kept getting in my eyes so I decided to whip out the mustache scissors I bought when the pandemic first started. My usual technique is a bit archaic: I twist my hair and then blindly cut, hoping for the best. In the process I got carried away. Now my bangs are halfway up my forehead. Thank goodness my fairy godmother, Princess Imageen showed up and was able to console me. The conclusion? It's all Shonda Rhimes' fault. I can neither breathe nor sleep without my daily dose of Bridgerton!


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