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"I am C.Y.D. the Centralized Yottabyte Database. You may call me Cyd."

AI sentient robot in Solar Ash

I had a blast playing Cyd, the AI robot in the video game Solar Ash, developed by and published by Annapurna Interactive. Cyd's job is to aid the Voidrunners on their missions black holes.

Lyris was another character I voiced. She is the stranger grieving her partner and the only survivor after the Dross invasion of her people's planet. Very intense. I got a little verklempt at the end.

I played the game once. Very intense, fast moving, and beautifully designed. Kudos, Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive 👏

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Pilar Uribe
Pilar Uribe is an actor and voice talent, known for Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999), Wonderguy (1993) and Second Extinction (2020). Catch Pilar in video games, feature films, and tv shows + follow on Instagram and YouTube for more...

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