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Getting Ready For The Party

Behind the Scenes on the telenovela 'Yo Soy Betty La Fea'

Last week I watched this opening scene for the first time. Even after all these years, I still remember preparing for it.

Maria Beatriz was a recurring character and Fernando Gaitan, the scriptwriter, always wanted her to swoop in like a butterfly into whatever situation she was walking into. The party was for a very important fashion show at Ecomoda. Now, Maria Beatriz was just a figurehead in the company but how she expressed herself was through her particular idea of fashion. I had found out a few days before that I would be wearing a one-shouldered top made of silver. It was an extraordinary work of art by jewelry designer Sonia Cabrera. In discussions with the wardrobe department, I suggested a henna tattoo. I sat for two and a half hours while a tattoo artist painted these beautiful paisley designs going from my hand all the way up the shoulder that would be exposed. The day of the shoot, I came in with magazine clippings of a hairstyle that I thought would go perfectly with my outfit and Luz Dary, our wonderful makeup artist, happily obliged. I loved playing that character and it was a blast to work as a team, resulting in what you see onscreen. Thank you for the post, and for jogging my memory 😉🎬💃🏻

'Yo Soy Betty La Fea' produced by @canalrcn #yosoybettylafea #telenovelascolombianas #television #latinoamerica #voiceoverandtv Last minute add; hadn't seen this scene either! Thanks to @flu_flu_volo for posting 😉

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