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Friendship, Covid Style

Happy Galentine's Day

I met Sunee at Second City for my first Improv workshop in the fall of 2019. We were the eldest of the students so we gravitated towards chatting in the parking lot after class. We had a series of different teachers and there were lots of cancelled days so the workshop was extended through January. Once it was finished, we started attending events together: we sat in the audience and screamed our heads off during The Price of Right, I put us on the waiting list for Jimmy Kimmel and we were lucky enough to sit up front and listen to Gwyneth Paltrow talk about an unmentionable candle. I did ADR looping for 'Voodoo Macbeth, a USC produced film and got passes to attend the screening.

Then, Covid hit. That's when we really started talking, since we couldn't get together for coffee. Sunee was taking acting classes and I was knee deep in voiceover auditions so we began rehearsing our scenes on Skype. We would meet regularly for a zoom cocktail hour and she'd accompany me on my walks by phone. We even watched SNL one night. Now we get together online and talk about our goals via Trello, which she is still teaching me, lol. Besides having a great sense of humor, Sunee's becoming a very good writer and I've watched her do her own stand up routine. The best part for me is hearing her point of view about life and all the crazy things that have happened over the past year of staying in place. In a strange way I am grateful for the pandemic. I have someone I can talk to about anything; the basis of a true friendship. Happy Galentine’s day, Sunee. You've made a difference in my life and you sure live up to your name. Here's to another year of talking ☀️


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