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Adios Miami 2019

Trading one coast for another

This 720 square foot gem of a living space was home for sixteen years. I lived, loved, cried, yelled and danced there. Many a night I paced this room, learning my lines for a new play I was rehearsing at Mosaic or TWTP, theatre spaces long gone now. I held my beautiful shitzu, Chiquita in my arms too many times to count. I brought a feral cat from Mexico into this place and named him Paco del Barrio. I watched countless sunrises through these windows and a good amount of hurricanes. Quite by accident, I discovered a passion for recording and constructed a voiceover booth in the living room. Exactly a year ago today, I packed my bags and left. Now I do #voiceover in the Olympic city of entertainment, Los Angeles. Je ne regrette rien.


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