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Happy Pi Day

Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical symbol pi, takes place on March 14. March 14 was chosen as the founding date in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw because the numerical date (3.14) signifies the first three digits of pi.

Pecan pie never looked so good.

It also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday. Seems like he started a trend.

Here are a few stolen pi jokes: Why is pi so lucky in love? Because its love is infinite and non-repeating.

What is a mathematician's favorite snake? The pi-thon.

What do you get when a bunch of sheep stand around in a circle? Shepherd's pi.

What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter? Pi in the sky.

Ok, enough. Have a great Pi day 😉🎉

“If We Knew What We Were Doing, It Would Not Be Called Research, Would It?”

---Albert Einstein

Pilar Uribe
Pilar Uribe is an actor and voice talent, known for Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999), Wonderguy (1993) and Second Extinction (2020). Catch Pilar in video games, feature films, and tv shows + follow on Instagram and YouTube for more...


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