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What's Your Biggest Fear?

What Are You Afraid Of?

In a recent writing class I was asked to make a list: what are you afraid of? Turns out, a lot. I thought of traditional things like spiders and snakes but I'm always taking Daddy Long Legs out of my shower and dumping them outside. Many years ago, I had a friend's pet snake rest on my chest and it was strangely soothing. No, I've discovered my fears are much more bizarre than that.

Some of My Biggest Fears

Here are a few of the things I'm scared of:

  1. Taxes: I used to sit on the floor in my apartment in Miami surrounded by receipts and credit bills, heart palpitating. Now I have Quickbooks.

  2. Quickbooks.

  3. Avocados & pineapples: Scared of peeling them (I didn't say this list was logical).

  4. Scary movies: I'm not touching those, I'd rather sleep, thank you.

  5. Not finding my partner in love and life.

  6. Voiceover work ending.

I look at this partial list of fears and I feel like Munch's silent scream. My initial tendency is to laugh it off and stuff the feelings back down. But when I leave an issue unresolved, it continues to fester.

Another way To Look At It

I've discovered there's an easier fix for that list: gratitude. i pay taxes because I earn a living. I have Quickbooks to help me sort out the business I didn't have 10 years ago. Avocados and pineapples are delicious and healthy food choices available to me. I can buy one at a time. Scary movies are fun entertainment for someone else and that's okay. Loving myself and everything I do imperfectly is a blessing. What I've learned to do in difficult situations is not to fight but embrace them.

Today, I'm just grateful I have a roof over my head and food in the refrigerator. And friends like you who read 'til the end 😊

"Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it... that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear."---Dale Carnegie

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Pilar Uribe
Pilar Uribe is an actor and voice talent, known for Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999), Wonderguy (1993) and Second Extinction (2020). Catch Pilar in video games, feature films, and tv shows + follow on Instagram and YouTube for more...


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