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To mask or not to mask: That is NOT a question

Keep them on, it's for everyone's good

I took Paco to the vet for a checkup on Monday. A nurse wearing a mask came out for the carrier. The vet told me by phone that he's ok while the nurse brought the carrier back out. At the drive-in Starbucks the lady who took my card had a mask on as well. Lastly, I swung by the mechanic to ask about getting an oil change. Right outside, three men minus protective gear were talking, laughing and touching shoulders.

On my way home, I noticed that for every woman that I passed with a mask, there were two to three men not wearing anything over their face. I drove by groups of women walking with masks on, while going by two different pairs of men talking to each other, their mouths exposed.

What is so difficult about wearing a mask? Yes, it can be annoying. It can also slow the spread of the virus. It protects you and it protects the person you're speaking to. So when you go to work, the grocery store, or even when you're walking and you know you'll be approaching a crowded area, put on your big boy pants and strap on that mask. Shakespeare would be glad 😉🎭

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