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My Kingdom for a Bundtlet

The new kid on the block-churro dulce de leche

I was going to talk about something serious today but I got sidetracked by a nothing bundt cakes email, a store in Sherman Oaks that I discovered when I first moved here. I've always thought of bundt cakes as being heavy, like a brick you would throw at someone. These come in all kinds of flavors and sizes (cakes, bundtlets and cute buntinis)and are deliciously light and airy. So when I got a notice that there was a newcomer, I rearranged my errands to drive over to try it. As you can see from the video, the taste of the new 'churro dulce de leche' bundlet did not disappoint. And I just discovered that there are locations in 40 states! Although none in Manhattan; the nearest one is in Carle Place on Long Island. But you can find them in Florida and South Carolina. If you like churros, make sure you go soon, the flavor is only available for a week. Happy hunting!

And no, I did not get paid to talk about this company. I just happen to love bundt cakes. I'm happy, obsessed and proud of it.

For locations:

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