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I'M WATCHING Ted Lasso and I want to live in a TED LASSO WORLD ⚽️

After several lively discussions earlier this year with my previous cell phone carrier (who shall remain nameless but whose name starts with the first letter of the alphabet), I replaced my extremely outdated iPhone with a new one directly from the Apple store. This was no easy feat: I was put on hold for eons and shamelessly given misinformation. Their intention, I realized later, was to chain me to a contract for yet another few years. I finally spoke with an understanding salesperson who explained to me that it was perfectly alright to buy through Apple.

I wanted to disengage myself from the other guys for two reasons. First, I found a carrier that charged less than half of what I used to pay. Secondly, the phone came with a year's viewing of Apple +, their streaming service. My original aim was to get through ‘The Morning Show’. While yearning/waiting for their second season, I stumbled upon ‘Ted Lasso.’ I wasn’t that eager to watch a series about soccer but I figured if it had Jason Sudeikis, it couldn't be that bad; he always made me laugh on SNL.

Once I started experiencing these amazing characters and their storylines, I was totally hooked. I fell in love with Rebecca and Keeley and Roy and Jamie and of course, Ted. And all the soccer players. I even performed a scene portraying Rebecca for my acting class from episode 7. Season 2 dropped this past July but I was busy. That's all changed since I started watching. I have laughed and cried through almost every episode. Now I have to wait until August 2022 for the next season.

I have one dream now: To live in a Ted Lasso World ⚽️🎬


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