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Full Circle Moment

A theatrical fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a youngish girl who landed the part of Diana Morales in 'A Chorus Line.' She made friends with everyone, except for the director named Johnny, who was also in charge of running lights. One night, while she was in the throes of singing 'What I Did For Love', the entire theatre went dark. After the show she tore him a new one, christening him with the moniker 'Johnny No Lights' in front of the cast and crew. He fired her via telephone the next day saying she should be a producer because she'd never work as an actress. At the end of the run the cast party was held in her apartment. Everyone showed up and had a great time, including Johnny No Lights' wife.

A few moons later, said youngish girl was working at Mosaic Theatre in South Florida in a one-woman play called '9 Parts of Desire.' After the show she was approached by an older couple who told her how much they admired her performance. During the conversation the woman delightfully revealed that she had a son who was, in fact, the great Johnny No Lights. Youngish girl busted one immediately. The end.


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